About Jennifer Strohfus

Jennifer, her husband Dan, and daughter Vivian have lived in Milpitas for more than 15 years. She is the active community volunteer, a small business owner, the president of the non-profit organization Silicon Valley Foundation for Better Community, and Silicon Valley Foundation for Better Environment. She graduated from CSUEB with a BS accounting degree and a BA Journalism degree.

She started a grassroots petition and campaign to stop the Newby Landfill expansion and devotes her time for a better Milpitas. Additionally she started an initiative to stop the Milpitas water rate increase and re-adopt a tired rate system with reasonable water rates in order to motivate consumers to conserve water, no 20 M bond interest burden, and make the cost of living in Milpitas more affordable.

Jennifer's Priority for Milpitas

  • Stop Newby Landfill Expansion. I will continue the fight for clean air in Milpitas, restore people's quality of life, and make Milpitas more livable and enjoyable by eliminating the foul odor.
  • Reduce the Cost of Living in Milpitas. I will support making water, sewer, garbage, and internet costs reasonable and affordable.
  • Improve Milpitas School Quality. I will support any proposals making Milpitas schools as excellent as Cupertino schools.
  • Create Business Friendly Environment for Local Economy.  I will support creating a small business bureau to help start-ups and attracting more businesses to settle in Milpitas.
  • Controlled Development.  I will support development in Milpitas at a controlled pace which means that new housing must be followed by a match for new schools, libraries, roads, grocery stores, parks, and other public facilities.
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